With Wreken our vision is to simplify complex software development processes, make it faster and accurate and leverage AI to make it possible. Wreken will transform the backend application development process, teams will be able to make backend prototypes in hours instead of months.



This is Aditya’s 3rd venture, he is an entrepreneur,hacker and builder. He has rich experience of building products, businesses for startups in 0-1 and 1-100 journey in multiple domains of technology including Fintech,payments, cyber security, AI and Analytics. He has built B2B and B2C products in the past and served customers from startups to enterprises and government/defence agencies. Born and raised in India and now based in Bay area california Aditya leads Wreken as CEO.


Open source software contributor with 7500+ contributions including duckdb, technology entrepreneur and leader.He is well versed in 7+ programming languages, full stack developer and database expert. He ran his own venture and helped many customers solve complex technical problems.